HGV and Car Servicing in Bicester

Two key services our automotive experts offer to customers and clients from Bicester are car servicing and breakdown recovery. What separates us from the vast majority of garages in the area, however, is the fact that we also offer HGV servicing and commercial vehicle recovery services. On this page, we discuss the many benefits car servicing and HGV servicing provide for motorists in Bicester and all surrounding locations in Oxfordshire.

If you are looking to book an appointment, or if you have suffered a breakdown and need our vehicle recovery team to help you at the roadside, call our head office in Witney on 0333 577 7871. Witney Auto Recovery also has a second workshop in Eynsham

Choosing Witney Auto Recovery for Car and HGV Servicing

Bicester has plenty of its own independent and main dealership garages so why should motorists in the area come to Witney Auto Recovery for car servicing or HGV servicing? We feel that our flexibility makes a genuine difference to all customers and clients, especially fleet operators who have multiple vehicle types requiring regular maintenance. Witney Auto Recovery also gives its business clients access to a very convenient commercial vehicle recovery service.

Tie in servicing and breakdown recovery together, and we have most garages in the area beat for scope of service. But this is just one of many benefits we provide for you. Witney Auto Recovery also guarantees exceptional service delivery in the following areas:

Fuel Economy

Private, fleet and commercial customers in Bicester never want to spend more money than is necessary to keep their vehicles on the road, safely and legally. Regular car servicing and HGV servicing save motorists money by significantly improving fuel economy. Technicians achieve optimum performance during a service by changing the oil and filters to reduce wear on vital engine parts, and conduct a series of extra physical and mechanical checks.

These checks give us a strong indication on the current condition of a vehicle, and put us in a strong position where we can recommend replacement parts or preventative repairs.

Repair Bills

A badly-maintained vehicle suffers from poor performance issues far more often than a well-maintained one. Because we’re one of Bicester’s best-known private breakdown recovery and commercial vehicle recovery companies, we regularly receive calls to collect vehicles which maybe shouldn’t have broken down in the first place. Often, some haven’t had the car servicing or HGV servicing they need so a breakdown was almost inevitable.

Save money on breakdown recovery costs and ongoing repairs by making the relatively minor investment into scheduled servicing for your personal vehicle or your fleet.

Road Safety

The most important benefit associated with car servicing is running a vehicle that keeps you safe on the road. A service is an opportunity for a trained technician to locate present or potential automotive faults, and to recommend repairs at the earliest stage before costs escalate. You can’t put a price on road safety but our prospective customers in Bicester can rest assured they’ll never have to because our car servicing packages are so affordable.

HGV servicing is just as important. The heavier the vehicle you drive, the more damage you could incur during a breakdown. We employ mechanics and technicians skilled in all aspects of HGV servicing (which is markedly different from regular car servicing). If you drive a truck or run a fleet, keep mobile by booking in for a regular service with Witney Auto Recovery.

Because we offer commercial vehicle recovery in Bicester to support our private breakdown recovery services, HGV drivers and fleet operators only ever need to use a single company.

Vehicle Value

If you ever come to sell a vehicle, maybe to fund the purchase of a new model, your car servicing history plays a significant role in determining how much somebody else will pay. Whether you sell to a dealer as part of a trade-in or pass your vehicle on to a private buyer from the Bicester area, the recipient will always want to know how reliable it is likely to be.

One way to prove a buyer won’t need a private breakdown recovery or commercial vehicle recovery service soon after purchase is to show them the car servicing or HGV servicing history. When they see a vehicle has been well looked after, they’ll normally pay the price you ask in your advertisement. This proves what a solid investment servicing can be.

Book in for car or HGV servicing by calling Witney Auto Recovery on 0333 577 7871. We are also domestic and commercial vehicle recovery specialists for the entire Bicester area.