Private and Commercial Vehicle Recovery in Witney

Witney Auto Recovery offers a fast, responsive and reliable breakdown recovery service to its many customers and clients in Oxfordshire – no matter which type of vehicle they drive. We have a dedicated recovery fleet that provides prompt roadside assistance for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, coaches and heavy goods vehicles. Witney Auto Recovery is proud to offer a complete private and commercial vehicle recovery service at prices everybody can afford.

From Bicester to Banbury, from Didcot to Drayton and from Witney to Wallingford, we have the whole of Oxfordshire covered. Witney Auto Recovery offers full 24-hour roadside assistance so you’ll always have a fast, effective solution waiting whenever you suffer a breakdown or accident. Witney Auto Recovery works closely with local police forces to deliver safe, practical breakdown recovery services that further protect crime and accident scenes for future forensic testing.

Very few competing private and commercial vehicle recovery companies in Oxfordshire do this, and we believe this is just one more element that sets us apart from our local rivals.

Our breakdown recovery services include:

• Car Recovery
• LCV Recovery
• Coach Recovery
• Motorcycle Recovery
• Trailer Recovery
• RTA Recovery
• Accident Recovery
• Low-Loader Recovery

We guarantee rapid response times in all breakdown and accident situations. Because we offer private and commercial vehicle recovery services in areas such as Witney, Bicester and Didcot, you’ll always have the reassurance of knowing a fully trained driver will be there to assist you on a full 24/7 basis. With Witney Auto Recovery, you never need to feel alone, isolated and frustrated when the unexpected occurs – an important factor in such uncertain times.

car breakdown

For Private Customers

Let Witney Auto Recovery handle your breakdown recovery needs if you don’t have membership with one of the major organisations or roadside assistance in your insurance policy. All you need to do is contact us on 0333 577 7871 and we’ll dispatch a driver and vehicle to meet you at the scene of the breakdown or accident – anywhere in the Oxfordshire area. If we believe you to be at risk, we even prioritise your call so the assigned driver gets to your location sooner.

Witney Auto Recovery maintains competitive prices for private vehicle recovery and if you service your car regularly, our rates often offset those paid for memberships you might never actually use.

For Fleet Operators

Witney Auto Recovery has clients in Witney, Bicester, Didcot and the surrounding areas who run their own fleets. It’s important for these particular service providers to have reliable vehicles on the road at all times but breakdowns happen with even the best-maintained models. The commercial vehicle recovery services we provide across Oxfordshire get broken-down vehicles to a workshop of choice sooner, and safely back on the road that little bit quicker.

Join our growing portfolio of fleet clients today and access a breakdown recovery service that helps your vans and trucks to get the attention they need at the earliest opportunity.

For Commercial Clients

We understand how critical deliveries are to you and your customers. That’s why we’re so proud to offer a dedicated commercial vehicle recovery service for clients who have to optimise profitability from their fleets each and every day. Let us bring your broken-down vehicle back to our workshops in Oxfordshire for repairs, and benefit further from scheduled LCV and HGV servicing to keep your fleet in optimum condition for ongoing daily use.

We have a head office in Witney and a workshop in Eynsham, both of which welcome commercial clients from Bicester, Didcot and the surrounding areas.

For breakdown recovery services in the Witney, Bicester, Didcot and Oxfordshire areas, call Witney Auto Recovery on 0333 577 7871.