Private and Commercial Vehicle Recovery in Oxfordshire

Witney Auto Recovery has a head office in Witney and a workshop in the nearby Eynsham area. This puts us in the perfect position to provide our private and commercial vehicle recovery services across the whole of Oxfordshire. Customers primarily see Kardos as a breakdown recovery company but we support this side of our business with a full range of maintenance and repair services – including car servicing and HGV servicing.

Here, we answer a selection of questions received from prospective clients in the local Oxfordshire area. If you have any queries of your own, please contact us on our usual number of 0333 577 7871. You can also use this number for breakdown recovery services.

How long does it take for you to provide roadside assistance?

We have one of the most responsive private and commercial vehicle recovery services in Oxfordshire with drivers available on an emergency basis to deal with your accident or breakdown. Recovery drivers on our team prioritise your call if we believe you to be at risk or in any danger; something many of our customers find reassuring in these difficult times.

Witney Auto Recovery always does its best to respond to your breakdown recovery call immediately. Even during our busiest periods, we’ll still give you an approximate arrival time.

Which vehicles do You recover?

Our company has a sizeable vehicle fleet capable of removing passenger cars, LCVs and HGVs from the roadside. All manufacturer marques, of any size, fall within our capabilities. Because our workshops in the Oxfordshire area perform car servicing and HGV servicing, it makes sense that we provide our customers with private AND commercial vehicle recovery.

In truth, we encounter very few issues with our breakdown recovery services and deal with everything from small cars and vans to the biggest low-loaders and cement mixers.

How does your car servicing compare with local dealerships?

Witney Auto Recovery works to the same maintenance schedules as main dealerships so, in terms of comparison, it’s fair to say we meet their exact standards with our car servicing. This provides motorists in Oxfordshire with significant benefits, such as preserving their service histories and warranties. We offer a flexible range of full and interim car servicing options.

And, because Witney Auto Recovery doesn’t have to absorb the cost of expensive showrooms and unpaid warranty work, we maintain prices for car servicing which always beat local dealership rates.

Can you provide HGV servicing for my entire fleet?

Yes. We’re particularly at home dealing with fleet operators and members of the trade. Because we’re a business too, we know how important it is to be efficient and mobile. HGV servicing keeps your entire fleet running to optimal performance levels with improved fuel economy. This makes operations much more profitable for business clients in Oxfordshire.

Leave us to arrange HGV servicing for your entire fleet at scheduled intervals so that you can plan your logistics without having to make constant references to maintenance databases.

Do you provide any other key services?

Yes. While private breakdown recovery and commercial vehicle recovery are very much our bread and butter, our Oxfordshire customers also come to Witney Auto Recovery for MOT testing in the Class IV, Class V and Class VII categories. We have dedicated workshop space for MOT inspections, and operate as an approved testing centre working to current DVSA criteria.

Tie in car servicing or HGV servicing with an MOT test and save yourself two trips to our workshops while benefiting from inclusive prices that lower the annual cost of motoring.

Book in for car or HGV servicing by calling Witney Auto Recovery on 0333 577 7871. We are also domestic and commercial vehicle recovery specialists for the entire Oxfordshire area.