Breakdown Recovery, Car Servicing and HGV Servicing in Witney

Witney Auto Recovery has a special affinity with the Witney area, not least because this is where we have our head office. It is also in close proximity to the many Oxfordshire areas we cover as breakdown recovery specialists. Because we’re primarily known for our work in the fields of private and commercial vehicle recovery, some of our prospective customers know very little about our wider service range – which includes car servicing and HGV servicing.

This page looks into the key services we provide for private motorists, fleet operators and members of the trade. Because we have multiple locations across the county, Witney Auto Recovery meets the needs of customers and clients from Witney and also from its surrounding locations.

Private Breakdown Recovery

Nobody has a better understanding of the frustration drivers experience in the event of a roadside breakdown or an accident than Witney Auto Recovery. That’s why we have drivers on 24/7 standby to help local motorists. We dispatch breakdown recovery vehicles from our head office in Witney on a responsive basis, giving priority to vulnerable customers we perceive to be at risk. Following a vehicle recovery, Witney Auto Recovery takes your car to your garage of choice.

Because we also perform car servicing and repairs, it’s usually a good idea to have your vehicle brought back to our Witney premises after a breakdown recovery. In doing so, you’ll only have one bill to pay and should be back on the road much sooner than you would be if you had to wait for another garage to quote for the required work and to actually start it.

Commercial Vehicle Recovery

We’re a business too so we fully understand how important it is to stay profitable. This isn’t always easy if your fleet suffers from regular breakdowns. Thankfully, Witney Auto Recovery has a suitable fleet of its own trucks for commercial vehicle recovery work, and operates in partnership with local businesses in the Witney area to clear LCV and HGV models from the roadside. To keep your fleet properly maintained, we also fulfil ongoing LCV and HGV servicing needs.

A commercial vehicle recovery arrangement with Witney Auto Recovery gives our business clients the same peace of mind associated with a traditional roadside assistance membership but with the added benefit of dedicated workshops operating at the back end to handle their servicing and repair requirements – and on a local basis with a company they know and trust.

Full and Interim Car Servicing

Private motorists in Witney have the chance to save money on main dealership rates by booking in for car servicing with Witney Auto Recovery. We operate independently and don’t have to cover expensive overheads (or unpaid warranty work) in the same way as a main dealer. This allows us to be more flexible with car servicing prices but, at the same time, our customers never have to worry about warranty invalidation or losing their service history.

Witney Auto Recovery performs interim car servicing at six-monthly intervals (or every 6,000 miles) and full car servicing at annual intervals (or every 12,000 miles in addition to the interim service). Our technicians work to the same specifications as those used at dealership outlets so customers in Witney receive identical standards of workmanship but at much fairer rates.

LCV and HGV Servicing

Because Witney Auto Recovery specialises in private and commercial vehicle recovery, a sizeable number of LCVs and HGVs come back to our workshops for repair work. We’ve always believed that preventative maintenance is a much better alternative to ongoing repairs. LCV and HGV servicing keeps fleet vehicles in good mechanical condition, priming them to deliver more economical performance – two factors which ultimately ensure more business profitability.

Our workshop capacity is ideal for LVC and HGV servicing on SWB and LWB van models, low-loaders, two-axle trucks and four-axle trucks. We already have a number of commercial clients in the Witney area who trust us for all of their servicing and repair needs, and who also call us in emergencies whenever they need responsive breakdown recovery services.

Book in for car or HGV servicing by calling Witney Auto Recovery on 0333 577 7871. We are also domestic and commercial vehicle recovery specialists for the entire Witney area.